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My Big Obsession : Cody Robert Simpson

OK, so now we're talking about my role model and inspiration: Cody Robert Simpson

Cody Robert Simpson (born 11 January 1997) so he's 16 years old now. Cody is an Australian pop singer (also causes of my anxiety and asthma because of his perfection.) who is currently signed to US record label Atlantic Records.

Cody Robert Simpson

 Summertime of our lives

Summertime of our lives

Cody was born in Gold Coast, Australia, to best mates : Brad Simpson and Angie Simpson! (I'm so thankful because of you guys my future husband is here with me now.) YAAAYY!! big applause to them!
Cody was born at Logan Hospital on Saturday at 7.46 am. I bet his parents were crying in the tears of joy. Yes, because their little son is growing up to be man (gentleman) now and making them proud. As his future wife I'm proud of him too. *crying in tears of joy*
So, they are Brad Simpson and Angie Simpson! >>>

when they're married

hey future papa, how you doin'?

*got no words*

codysimpson: I'm the luckiest son ever.
angiesimpson5: I think I'm the Luckiest Mum in the World. the way you randomly come up and give me hugs    and kisses and tell me you love me, makes me cry in the still of the night. The way you write me beautiful poetry and words that suprise me when I most need it in life. The way you make my heart melt with the secret squeeze of my hand when you know I'm not comfortable in a situation. The way you text me in the most random situations with reassurance of your love. The way you come and give me a cuddle.....just because!!!<3 


ladies and gentlemen (with little Buddy Simpson-The dog)

So, I cant tell you more about my future parents because I'm sure everything I know are just they love their children, they proud of their children, and love each other (their children too) so much more than everything. So this is it, Simpson's Family. 

More info about them >>> www.instagram.com/angiesimpson5
(I heard about Brad has an Instagram but I'm not sure if it's fake or not so more information is more to come. Stay tuned.)

Cody has two siblings: 

Allison Michelle Simpson (the flawless one.) she's 15 years old girl from Gold Coast, Australia. She thinks that it's totally wild and crazy how much her life has changed in the past two years. Her world is delicious beyond her wildest dream. She went from being a competitive swimmer and going to school everyday in Australia to living her dream in Los Angeles. She's a model, an actress and also a singer (how talented!) she said that she's a dreamer and a blogger too haha! 
She's really nice and very talented, check her new single >>> Why I'm Single
Check her new single now!! 

behind the scenes of her photoshoot

Defeat The Label!

I'm gonna post more about her! promise! teehee!

More info about here and some articles
>>> here
Her activity and her tweets
>>> here
Her new single and some funny videos about her
>>> here
Quotes that she made and more info too
>>> here
Check her special photos, beachy photos and handsome boys
>>> here
Check her amazing photos and her photography 
>>> here

Tommy Bradley Simpson (the genius one!) he's very cute and genius (I mean 9 years old installed iOS7 by himself and settings Flo's iPhone by himself too. He has his own game made by him! shout out to the future scientist!)

big brother and little brother


have more fun, Tommy?

*got no words* this is so adorable!

He has his own instagram
>>> here
His own YouTube channel
>>> here

Cody Simpson has some EPs. they are 4U EP, Coast to Coast EP and Preview to Paradise EP. I haven't got 4U EP yet because I know they didnt publish it anymore so yea... but I'm blessed that I got Coast to Coast EP! that EP is so amazing. I haven't buy Preview to Paradise EP from iTunes (yea.. this EP is just on iTtunes.)

He has 1 album and 1 again (more to come!) 
Paradise album with beachy melody and I'm sure that you will feel that you're in Paradise.
1 album (coming soon, July 16th) 
Surfers Paradise album. 3 songs from the album has been released (1 is coming soon but you can still hear the song)

>>> Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson 
>>> behind the scenes with Hollywire TV >>> here
>>> Alternate Video (twinnie Cody!!) >>> here
>>> Summertime of Our Lives by Cody Simpson (will be always my fav jam and my fav music video)
>>> behind the scenes >>> here
>>> La Da Dee by Cody Simpson (the music video is coming soon!)
here <<< behind the scenes

His new single >> Awake All Night by Cody Simpson 


His book is more to come!! his biography book. (out October 2013) I'm wondering what it looks like.

His Paradise Tour is almost end, cheers to the new experiences and journey, Cody! 

>>> Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson


For some fellas that think that Cody Simpson copied Justin Bieber. NO HE IS NOT.
He's not the second Justin Bieber, he is the first Cody Simpson.

Justin Bieber, I love you tho.

So, yea this is it. some informations that I can give to you about Cody Simpson and a bit about Justin Bieber. 
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, my inspiration and my role model : Cody Simpson. 



more info about Cody: 

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